Ward’s Weather Watch - The heat continues

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Summer has finally arrived in Cumbernauld with lovely weather set to continue this week and beyond the weekend.

Temperatures could reach 25c on Friday and there will be blue skies all week.

UV levels will be at level 7 and maybe close to 8 each day around 1pm so protection is essential.

At UV level 5 fair haired people and children are at high risk of burning.

UV Level 7 can cause those with tans to burn after only one hour.

Wear a hat and a shirt between 11am and 3pm when UV levels are at their highest although it is worth noting that UV can penetrate some clothing.

Today will start off misty in low lying areas especially close to water but it will quickly lead to clear skies. The temperature will climb to around 21c by 3pm and with only a light SW breeze.

Thursday be similar but humidity will be high both in the morning and evening. There will be mist in low lying areas to but then a sticky night. Day temps around 23c and night temps around 15c.

Friday will be very hot and sunny with clear skies and temperatures possibly reaching 25c but it will feel more like 30c with the humidity and no wind.

The weekend will continue with the summer theme but temperatures will fall a couple of degrees c.