Westerwood girl takes centre stage in play

Stephanie Hunter
Stephanie Hunter

COMING of age is an important stage in all our lives - but what does it mean to experience it now?

That is the focus of a forthcoming piece of theatre featuring four young adults, including 17-year-old Stephanie Hunter from Westerwood. who features in Generation, from Glas(s) Performance and Tramway West.

Generation is an autobiographical work featuring monologue, movement and audience participation. “It looks at how we view the world and see our lives developing,” said Stephanie.

“We all have different interests and those are incorporate into the show.

“For instance I talk about my favourite band My Chemical Romance and the role played by their music in my life, while one of the other performers wants to become a scientist and talks about what that means to them.

Stephanie, who recently left Lenzie Academy and hopes to enrol at RSAMD in September, added that the show is a multifacted production with broad appeal.

She said: “There are lots of different performance styles and while it revolves around a theme rather than a particular narrative, it flows in and out of different scenarios. It’s an experimental work in that sense.”

Stephanie added: “It is about us being at this point in our lives, but everyone is either coming of age, has already done so or will in the future so there are themes anyone can relate to.”

Generation will be performed at Tramway 1 from June 15-18 at 7.30pm and tickets are £10/£8. Call 0845 330 3501 for bookings.