10 jobs axed at DHL

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A CUMBERNAULD based firm was hit with a jobs blow over the holiday period – after 10 jobs were axed from a key distribution centre which acts as a hub for one of the UK’s best known companies.

Westfield-based DHL Supply Chain has confirmed that it has been forced to part company with the employees due to “challenging market conditions.”

The News has learned that a key client, Marks & Spencer, has defected to another company, leaving workers shellshocked and surplus to requirements.

A spokesperson for DHL Supply Chain confirmed that jobs were set to go at the depot.

She said: “Potentially affected staff have been informed of the situation and will shortly enter into consultation with site representatives to discuss their options.

“Both Marks and Spencer and DHL thank the team at Westfield for their ongoing dedication at this difficult time and stress that the decision in no way reflects on the quality of work at the site,” she added.

It transpires that MSP Jamie Hepburn is planning to take up the matter with DHL who has had earlier talks with the company amidst job fears.

He said:“The news that there will be further job losses at DHL is very disappointing indeed.

“I had hoped to see a diversification of operations from there to offset any job losses arising from changes to the way that M&S are distributing their goods.

“It isn’t clear that this has happened and I will be exploring the matter with DHL,” he added.

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