A Craigmarloch gem

An energy efficient home in Craigmarloch.
An energy efficient home in Craigmarloch.

It’s an area with masses of built-in advantages, particularly if you’re a golfer –and for many people seeking the ultimate dream home in and around Cumbernauld it will always be high on most viewers’ must-visit list.

But while Craigmarloch has a village-like atmosphere and an abundance of scenery to go with that semi-rural ambience, the first class location is just one of the more obvious attractions of a five-bedroom newbuild currently on sale in Douglas Drive.

Seller Nathan Boyle says every effort has been made to design a home worthy of its locale, and the result is arguably a potent mix of utility and efficiency on the one hand and luxurious space on the other.

The bedrooms (two ensuite) are all doubles, for example, and the commodious garage is linked to the home via a fire door.

The place looks fantastic, even before you consider what a buyer would do with it in the way of decor, but it’s the inconspicuous built-in features which arguably score some of the highest marks – as for example with its electric door (double) garage.

Triple-glazing (A-rated in this case) is a relative newcomer in Scottish property, and represents the realisation in commercial terms of new thinking from countries including Sweden and Denmark.

In terms of energy efficiency it is a clear winner, and newbuilds which can be claimed to offer an above-average infrastructure are increasingly making it a main feature – andin this property it is fitted on all windows and doors.

Other features include gas central heating with Megaflow Eco direct hot water cylinder for fast filling of baths, and powerful showers.

Meanwhile the oak-panelled interior fitting of the home is a splendid backdrop on which any number of superior decor schemes could work to magnificent effect.

Being able to choose a design (as part of the acquisition deal) before moving in is a great example of modern thinking in action – allowing the new owner freedom of choice.

It is also another obvious way in which the buyer can put his or her personal stamp on the home from the very outset, capitalising on its superior infrastructure in a way designed to deliver maximum value on every level.

If the property market has been slow over the last year or so this particular home appears certain to be among the front-runners leading a revival of interest in above-average properties.

And of course location is a crucial part of the appeal.

Add all of these factors together and this sparkling new deluxe property in the heart of a much sought-after area certainly deserves an early viewing.