A feeding for lunch club funds

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A Cumbernauld lunch club has received a cash boost of £1000 to continue its work promoting healthy and affordable food.

Sanctuary Cumbernauld donated the funds to the The Take-a-Break project via its Grand Ideas Fund.

Take-a-Break operates from the Carbrain Baptist Church in Greenrigg Road on Thursdays from noon to 1.30 p.m. The service, which attracts on average around 40 people, is open to everyone and is not restricted to Sanctuary tenants.

Project leader Isobel Jarvie, said: “The service relies on the generosity of others so Sanctuary’s grant has been a great help. The church provides us with a kitchen and dining hall and seven volunteers – including Sanctuary residents Margaret McDaid and Margaret Hipson – ensure everyone who turns up gets fed. Sanctuary’s grant has allowed us to buy crockery, soup kettles and a storage cupboard, among other things. Some of the money has been put aside to enable us to replace the dishwasher.”

There is no fixed charge at the lunch club but suggested donations are encouraged.

The Take-a-Break project is one of three Cumbernauld initiatives to have already received assistance from Sanctuary’s Grand Ideas Fund. The scheme offers up to £1000 to charities, To apply to the fund, contact 01905 334271 or e-mail community@sanctuary-