A fishy business

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Are you a fan of puns? Of fish? Bring them together today with the first ever fish pun day.

Twitter is playing host to fishy fun in a bid to get people sea-riously excited about eating fish at home or in restaurants.

Industry body Seafish is carp-ing on about the benefits of eating the fruits of the sea and hope for a brill-iantly funny conversation getting into plaice on Twitter, but hope that people will not skate too close to the edge with their puns and dolphin-ately come up with some snapper-y gags to have a whale of a time on line.

Fish Pun Day will lead in to a range of activity during Seafood Week and each day of the campaign will highlight the versatility of this original superfood, focusing on a different type of seafood to show how it can be easily cooked, bought at an affordable price and dined on no matter what lifestyle you lead.

Mel Groundsell, from Seafish, said: “As an industry, we’re so passionate about seafood that it would be shellfish of us not to share it with the public. We’d love to see people eating more seafood and experimenting with the range of tastes, textures and flavours on offer.”

You can be sure this is not a red herring, so s-hake up your (fish) fingers and get into the swim at @fishisthedish using #seafoodweek and #fishpunday.