Act of pure cruelty sees defenceless dog drowned at Forth & Clyde Canal

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Police and wildlife officers are probing an incident which claimed the life of a little dog in a pet carrier by drowning.

The plastic container was found by a horrified dog walker Sarah Wilde on Monday, September 21. It was near the Dullatur end of the Forth & Clyde Canal and Sarah made numerous varied attempts to retrieve the carrier.

When she eventually succeeded in doing so, she found the carrier secured by cable ties and a shattered hinge with smashed side clips.

Its condition pointed to the fact that the terrified pet had tried to escape but to no avail.

Allanfauld Road resident Sarah said: “The poor little thing must have put up a hell of a fight. He or she was very much alive when she went into the water,

“The dog was black in colour but due to being in the water for a week or so, I’m guessing, I was unable to identify the breed.

“The spot was quite a way down the towpath so I am hopping someone may have seen someone unloading this carrier from their car.

“The case itself is grey and black with a blue door and sideclips.

“Someone out there must know something.”

The person responsible could face steep penalties including a prison sentence.

l Anyone with information is asked to call 03000 999 999.