Adult learners are honoured

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ADULTS who realise that learning is a lifelong process were honoured at a very special ceremony in Kilsyth recently.

A host of different courses have drawn an exellent response from locals who want to broaden their skills set, many of whom are doing more than one course a a time.

And more than 70 turned up Garrell Vale Community Centre to receive well-deserved certficates from North Lanarkshire Council’s Community Learning & Development section.

The event was attended by NLC’s education boss Christine Pollock as well as Deputy Provost Councillor Jean Jones plus Councillors Heather McVey and Alan Stevenson who distributed the certificates.

A special certificate was given recently to Aileen Bisset who was awarded for her services to adult eduction in the area.

Kilsyth and the Villages have recently been monitored by HMIE for adult education and the verdict has been “very good.”

A spokesperson from the Community Learning & Development department said: “The learners are to be congratulated for all their hard work and effort over the last year.”

Information on next year’s courses is now available on 01236 826160.

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