Alert as sheep is killed

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LAMBING season is here and local farmers are keen to remind dog owners to keep a close watch on their pets following an incident in which a sheep was killed.

At around 10pm on March 19, farmers at Queenzieburn Farm on the village outskirts were alerted to loud barking in their fields. They spotted a dog running off, though it was not until the following morning that they realised a sheep had been killed.

Farmer Gordon Jack said: “We think the dog came from the village after someone put it out the door, or maybe it simply escaped. The dog ran off but the next morning we found the dead sheep. There isn’t a lot we can do to prevent further incidents except hope that dog owners take more responsibility, especially as we will soon have a lot of lambs on the farm.”

PC Caroline McGladdery, wildlife crime officer with Cumbernauld Police, commented: “Most dog owners are not aware that farmers are authorised by law to shoot dogs that are found worrying livestock. If a dog worries sheep then the owner of the dog will probably find himself or herself facing criminal charges and a civil action to compensate any loss of money suffered by the farmer.”