Another public meeting to be held over Kilsyth, Banton and Queenzieburn bus cuts

Bus services are under threat
Bus services are under threat

A trade union is the latest organisation to hold a public meeting over controversial cuts to bus services in Kilsyth, Banton and Queenzieburn.

The meeting will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) at Banton Village Hall from 3pm to 7pm and has been organised by Unite

The village of Banton itself will be left without a bus service entirely when cuts made by First come into play.

First intends to withdraw the X86 and 24 bus service, severing links between Kilsyth and the villages with Falkirk and Stirling.

Hundreds of local people have attended meetings in June with local politicians lending support to the campaign, with a motion being lodged in the Scottish Parliament opposing the cuts.

And tt’s now emerged that public pressure has led to the bus operator changing the original dates to review the service.

First will now hand the letter into the traffic commissioner outlining the proposed cuts a week later than expected - on Friday.

And the proposed date of withdrawal of the services will now be 22 August.

Unite Community Coordinator, Jamie Caldwell said: “The response from people living in Kilsyth and the villages of Banton, and Queenzieburn to our Haud the Bus campaign has been phenomenal. Hundreds of people are supporting our petition, sending letters to local MSPs and attending public meetings in opposition to the proposals by First Bus to cut the X86 and 24 bus services.

“The latest stage of our campaign will be in Banton Village Hall this Wednesday and we would encourage all local people to drop in and find out more about the detrimental impact the removal of the bus routes will have for local people travelling to work or visiting friends and family.

Worryingly the proposals will also mean that people will have difficulty accessing basic needs such as food or health services.

“The removal of these routes will unquestionably lead to fare rises and longer travel times.We are hoping the strength of the campaign will continue to apply pressure on First Bus East to overturn their plans all together and keep both services.”