Anti-social behaviour fears dominate packed meeting

ANTI-social behaviour was the main talking point at the final Kildrum Community Council meeting last week.

A groundswell of residents attended the meeting in the YMCA after word spread that insufficient returns for nominations could force the group to fold.

The huge turnout saw concerns raised with the two police officers present that anti-social behaviour was taking over the area, with hot spots such as the Clouden Road play areas acting as a haven for youth disorder.

One resident said: “There are lots of disturbances at these places. Kids are there playing football, drinking, shouting and swearing, every night.”

Another said: “This never stops. It is drugs and drink. It’s time someone did something. People are afraid to go out their homes and we can’t live like this.”

The issue has become so pressing that the Sanctuary housing association hasnow had to take steps in an attempt to tackle the problems.

A Sanctuary Cumbernauld spokesman said: “Having consulted with local residents, the police and elected members, Sanctuary Cumbernauld has submitted a planning application for the removal of the three children’s play areas at Clouden and Lochlea Road.

“The Association and its community partners have been inundated with complaints about anti-social behaviour, exacerbated by the proximity of the parks to the nearby houses. A total of 77 per cent of residents favoured the removal option when asked if they wanted the parks removed or retained. We believe our residents deserve to be able to enjoy their homes in peace and quiet.”

He added: “To make up for the possible loss of the play parks, the association will make a contribution of around £27,000 to upgrade the existing council play facilities in Clouden Road as part of the planning permission for phase two of the Kildrum Regeneration project. This should ultimately lead to improved facilities for local children to play.”

nNLC confirmed on Tuesday that sufficient signatures have been received to re-establish the community council.