Australian dancers use a redesigned Kilsyth coat of arms

Kilsyth Country Dance Group.
Kilsyth Country Dance Group.

INTERNATIONAL relations between Kilsyth in Scotland and the town of the same name in Australia have just got better, thanks to a coat of arms.

A Scottish country dance group in Australia will use a redesigned version of Kilsyth’s coat of arms as their logo after they gained permission to do so.

Kilsyth Country Dance Group

Kilsyth Country Dance Group

The News and Chronicle previously reported that the group were initially rejected the opportunity to use the logo after Kilsyth Community Council gained advice from the Lord Lyon King of Arms.

A redesign of the coat of arms by local author William Chalmers, however, has been approved by Kilsyth Community Council.

William said: “Like most of the town I was disappointed at advice handed down by the Lord Lyon King of Arms to the community council regarding the use of their badge, anything that helps advance the good name of Kilsyth is welcome.

“As far as the town is concerned if there is a way of promoting this small corner of Scotland where large chunks of Scottish premier history was played out, then all avenues must be explored, it is the duty of all to uphold the benevolence born of hardship clearly depicted in the old coat of arms.”

Kilsyth Community Council successfully petitioned the Lord Lyon King of Arms for the grant of coat of arms in 2001.

The coat of arms has an open bible which represents the town’s religious revivals; crossed swords which refer to the Battle of Kilsyth in 1645; the crossed shuttles which remind us of the handloom weaving industry and a miner’s lamp which refers to the town’s mining heritage.

William said: “The badge is copyright design but remove the crown and the organisation name in this case the community council and it reverts back to the original old coat of arms Kilsyth, which already has a crown on the top left hand side.”

He added: “I am sure that the people of Kilsyth will appreciate that the members of the country dance group are keeping the name of Kilsyth alive, on the other side of the world.”

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