Badge holder feeling blue over shopping centre parking signs

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SHOPPING Centre bosses have promised to replace disabled car parking markings and signs on the roof car park as soon as a break in the weather allows them to complete roof repairs.

This re-assurance from Cumbernauld Shopping Centre Manager Robert Barr follows a series of complaints by disabled blue badge holder Gordon Bell (74), who claims that he has been unable to park in his preferred area because of other drivers not displaying badges who are taking up the spaces.

Mr Barr explained: “We have more than double the amount of spaces for disabled drivers required by law, but Mr Bell insists on claiming a space which is in the area worst affected by roof repairs, which we hope to carry out as soon as possible.

“We are spending more than £1 million on roof improvements and we have men working on the site just now.

“We have some problems where the blue paint has come off, but we need a window in the weather which will allow us to put down new paint and replace the signs.

“Not all cars need to show the blue badge – many of them rely on the ‘disabled line’ on the tax disc.”

However, Mr Bell said: “I have been complaining about the lack of disabled car parking signage for almost two years and keep getting fobbed off.

“We try to use the space near the escalators and lifts because that area is nearest to the chemist and bank we go to – my wife has great difficulty in walking any distance and needs to take a rest along the way.

“In recent weeks, I have seen six and nine cars not displaying blue badges being parked in that area of the car park.

“On a couple of occasions, there was a big white van parked there for a lengthy spell.”