Bagging up a funds boost to help sick kids

A Cumbernauld fashion store aims to raise a small fortune for the children’s fund of major charity Cancer UK - by bagging up old clothes.

Fashion store TK Maxx will be acting as a collection point for unwanted household items including clothes, shoes and books, which are said to be worth a minimum of £30 per bag for the charity.

The campaign runs from now and throughout March, and, says store manager Tony McEwan, could be a major money-spinner for Cancer UK.

He said: “This is a brilliant fundraiser for a hugely important cause - one absolutely everyone will want to support.

“All you have to do is pick up one of the bags at the store (Unit 4, Antonine Centre), fill it with clean old clothes, and bring it back.

“We can also arrange for goods to be uplifted - just ask at the shop for details.”

“In addition we’re asking customers to pay £1 more on their bill, and because Cumbernauld people are so generous I’d say about 99 per cent of people we’ve asked are happy to do that.

“This is a way everyone can get involved without having to spend a lot of money - by simply putting old clothes they don’t need to the best possible use.”