Baird celebrates its Scottish roots

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CELBRATING their Scottish roots - that’s been a big part of life at Baird Memorial Primary which is this week’s School of the Week.

Baird Memorial is of course named after the rebel weaver who hails from Condorrat but lately pupils been learning about another Scottish hero Robert Burns as they enjoyed an introduction to his work during a recent Scottish week.

The Caledonian theme also spawned a drawing competition which saw pupils craft a fine selection of thistles mounted proudly on the walls.

Others proved they were no strangers to fancy footwork and were happy to stage an energetic display of the Gay Gordons for the benefit of our photographer Gary Hutchison. Because they just love a spot of Scottish country dancing!

Highland Games with caber tossing and haggis hurling have been popular too and we’ve also heard that some welly-throwing was included in the programme too.

That wasn’t the only reason wellies are on the unofficial school uniform - because the pupils have been thinking of their future in Eco Week.

They have been tending the school garden which is all the more remarkable for being just metres away from the motorway!

Volunteers from Scottish Southern Energy and Dow have joined parents and pupils in creating a brand new look for this enviable greenspace and older youngsters themselves have been creating vivid waterproof animal placards to decorate the area. And they won’t let the bad weather stop them either.

They have also got stuck into giant planters which they aren’t just tending but decorating the sides of with colourful flower-power prints!

A roster of eco-minded guest speakers have visited the school such as Recap’s Vince Murray who told his captive audience that the biggest donation given to the Lenziemill furniture recycling project was... a conservatory!

For more pictures, see this week’s Cumbernauld News or Kilsyth Chronicle dated Wednesday, February 13.