Balmalloch is Best

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PUPILS and teachers really believe ‘Balmalloch is Best’ at the primary which is our latest School of the Week.

And they have no reason not to with all the exciting lessons and projects that are going on.

The River Clyde is literally in the classroom as primary six pupils take part in a project to help regenerate stocks of trout in the local river.

The children will look after the trout hatchery before releasing the fish into their natural habitat.

Space is on the minds of the nursery school but when we visited the class, the youngsters were engrossed in a book about owl babies during their
storytime session.

The story of The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch has been brought alive by the
imaginations of the primary one classes who have been using art to express what they are reading.

‘Ludio in directum’ means ‘school is this way’ in Latin but the primary four class will be able to tell you that.

They are studying the Romans at present, and they have even been give the Cool Class Cup which they will keep for two weeks.

The class also has two star pupils who have been recognised for their hard work, and they are Callum McGoldrick and Amy Cant.

Mrs Diane Davidson has been teaching the P2/3, the basic rules of grammar and when we visited the class they were learning all about adjectives.

The topic of the Vikings will be explored by the P4/5 who have just started their research.

The whole school was involved in learning about the importance of a healthy breakfast during their Scottish Week celebrations and they even created some artwork to show what the most important meal of the day should look like.

Elsewhere in the school, senior pupils have been taking part in workshops from the Scottish Parliament.

With the school achieving their fourth Green Eco Flag, the pupils are continuing to work to ensure the planet is a better place to live.

Headteacher Diane Brown said; “The staff and the children are working so well that I really do believe in the school philosophy that ‘Balmalloch is Best’.

“We work together as a team and it is really why we are so successful and the children are just super.”

For more photos, see this week’s Cumbernauld News or Kilsyth Chronicle dated Wednesday, February 6.