Banned SNP man insists: There was no probe

Last week, the News revealed that Councillor Alan O’Brien had been barred from the Scottish National Party group at North Lanarkshire Council.

Wednesday, 14th September 2011, 10:31 am

The article stated that disciplinary action had been taken against him on a number of counts.

But Councillor O’Brien this week said there had been NO investigation, as had been implied, and that allegations he had made a homophobic slur against another councillor had not formed any part of any investigation.

Councillor O’Brien has always maintained that the alleged “slur” was a harmless remark which was completely devoid of any malice – but which was subsequently used as political capital against him by his enemies.

We have been asked to point out by Councillor O’Brien that this incident was NOT among those discussed in the disciplinary procedures that were to follow this year – and which came to a dramatic conclusion two weeks ago.

The councillor also said that the procedure had been badly handled and added: “I didn’t even know I was being investigated.’’

He also said that he believed he had been castigated for “sticking up for Cumbernauld – which I was elected to do”.

The News contacted SNP group leader Councillor David Stocks twice in a bid for him to set the record straight in relation to the charges that Councillor O’Brien had faced.

However Councillor Stocks indicated that he did not wish to add anything further to the statement that he made last week in relation to Councillor O’Brien.

The SNP nationally have refused to comment on what they have called “an internal matter”.