Barr moves to reassure customers over Irn-Bru wrangle

Irn-Bru will remain unchanged, says Barr
Irn-Bru will remain unchanged, says Barr

Irn-Bru manufacturer AG Barr is reassuring customers their iconic drink will remain unchanged amidst fears of interference from the European Parliament.

First Minister Alex Salmond recently hit out at plans to reduce the legal limit of sunset yellow, the colourant which gives Irn-Bru its distinctive orange appearance.

The European parliament is today (Friday) voting on whether to reduce the limit from 50mg per litre to 10mg. Irn-Bru contains 20mg per litre of sunset yellow. The Food Standards Agency says this amount of sunset yellow presents no health risks.

A spokesperson for the Cumbernauld-based soft drinks giant stated: “We are grateful for the support of the First Minister and the Food Standards Agency Scotland regarding the proposed reduction of the maximum permitted limit of three food colourings, which may affect our use of the colour Sunset Yellow in Irn-Bru.

“AG BArr has been fully engaged in this issue and the business is well prepared for the various outcomes of the review.

“Our products will always comply with all UK and EU regilations and we can reassure our drinkers that any changes that result will not affect the distinctive colour of Irn-Bru - or have any impact on the famously secret Irn-Bru recipe.”