Be security conscious

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Police in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth are urging home and vehicle owners to be more security conscious.

This follows an increase in reports relating to thefts taking place from insecure homes and cars.

Police are urging people to make sure their home is protected from thieves and they have issued a safety checklist.

Householders should follow this checklist:

I’ve checked that all my doors and windows are locked- even if only popping out for a minute.

I’ve made sure that my house keys are not in sight or easy to reach from my windows or doors.

I’ve made sure that valuables like laptops can not be seen from the window.

I have not left any ladders or tools outside, which someone could use to get into my house.

Some thieves are looking for your car keys so they can steal your car. Make it hard for them. Don’t leave car keys where they are visible.

Protect your vehicle by following these simple rules:

Always keep your car locked. This includes closing the sunroof and windows-even if you only leave it for a few seconds. That’s all it takes for a criminal to steal your car or belongings.

Avoid leaving anything in your car, whether valuable or not, particularly when it is parked overnight. If you need to leave anything in the car, put it in the boot, or out of sight. Be particularly careful about expensive stereo, mobile phone or satellite navigation equipment.

Park your car in a busy or well lit area.