Big gig guide

Friday, May 27:

Friday, 27th May 2011, 6:00 pm

Twa Corbies, Cumbernauld

The Barking Spiders, 8pm

Town Hall, Cumbernauld

Charity Fundraiser

The Puzzlers (acoustic set) 7.30pm

Saturday, May 28:

THE NOIZY isc, Cumbernauld

Manic Noises + M77

plus Poptones DJ set, 7.30pm

Sunday, May 29:

Classic Grand, Glasgow

Battle of the Bands, Final

The Replay, 7pm

Wednesday, June 1:

Cumbernauld Theatre

Acoustic Music Night, 8.30pm


Saturday, June 4:

Slouch, Glasgow

The Random Guy, 7pm