Boy injured in crash near school

Scene of RTA where 12 year old boy was injured. North Street Bridge.
Scene of RTA where 12 year old boy was injured. North Street Bridge.
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A CUMBERNAULD schoolboy is recovering after he was badly injured in a road accident on Friday.

Paramedics and police rushed to the aid of the child, who has not been named, after the lunchtime accident.

The boy is a pupil of St Maurice’s High School and was struck by a car as he made his way along the North Road bridge around 1pm. This route is used daily by many pupils making their way into nearby Condorrat for lunch.

Acting head teacher Dominic Sutherland was among those who rushed to the scene when the alarm was raised.

It is believed that the youngster sustained a broken shoulder, elbow and leg in the accident, and news of the accident spread round the campus like wildfire.

Mr Sutherland said: “All teachers were informed of the accident and they then passed this information on to our pupils.

“Throughout the school year we run road safety guidance and we will be reiterating that point this week’s assemblies. Everyone at the school has been shocked and upset by the incident and we are wishing our pupil a quick and full recovery,” he said.

It is understood the collision may have been caused by low winter sun obscuring vision, but there have been renewed calls for general traffic calming measures in the area, which have been a concern to local residents for some time.

Councillor William Goldie has written to roads bosses after being contacted by local residents again folllowing Friday’s incident.

A spokesman for the council’s road department said: “We are currently liaising with Strathclyde Police who are investigating the incident and will take whatever action is deemed appropriate.

‘‘Until the investigation has been concluded it would be inappropriate to make any further comment.

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