Bridge demolition put on hold

The Tummel Way footbridge across Cumbernauld's Central Way
The Tummel Way footbridge across Cumbernauld's Central Way

THE demolition of the condemned Tummel Way bridge in Cumbernauld Town Centre has been rescheduled.

The 85-tonne bridge, from Central Way to Cumbernauld Shopping Centre, was originally expected to be torn down overnight on Saturday, October 29.

However the demolition plans have had to be revised after it was discovered that the bridge is much heavier than previously thought.

A spokesman for Campsies Centres (Cumbernauld) Ltd explained: “The plan is for the main span of the walkway to be lifted clear of its supports, swung parallel to the roadway, lowered on to a flatbed trailer and removed to be broken up elsewhere.

“However, as a result of an on-site technical investigations during the past few days it was discovered the bridge deck weighs approximately 11 tonnes more than was anticipated.”

He added: “The initial weight calculations were carried out from ‘as-built drawings’. However, core samples from the bridge deck showed the concrete was thicker than expected.”

To avoid disrupting Christmas shopping, the demolition work will now be done in January 2012. The £1m project to replace the bridge with a new walkway remains on schedule.

The CCCL spokesman added: “The delay in removing the bridge will have no impact on the construction schedule of the replacement footbridge.”

Work on the £1million replacement walkway is due to begin early next year.