Bring back crucial Cumbernauld crash barrier now

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Irate Westfield residents are calling to reinstate a safety barrier at a blind bend near a school after it was removed by council roads bosses last month

Westfield Community Council is fearful that a young life could be claimed if the barrier near Westfield Primary is not brought back

However, the protest has fallen on supposedly deaf ears after astonished members were told that there was no need of the barrier as there had never been an accident there, it is claimed.

Road bosses have argued that the barrier was stopping gritters taking a short cut but just not good enough according to Councillor Barry McCulloch who has written had now written to the department, for safety’s sake.

He added: “I have asked them to do everything possible to make the area safe for pedestrians.

“If they are reluctant to take steps to improve the safety of the area, I will be asking for a site visit and be keeping the community council fully informed on my progress.’’

Jamie Hepburn MSP has also written to the council on this matter. He said: “These rails prevent anyone from being able to walk onto a road.

“This has clear implications for safety and I understand that the council needs access for gritters but surely a more suitable solution would be to re-align the guardrails to allow easier access.

Billy Lees of WCC said: “It’s an insult to the community. It is like saying gritters are more important than people. This area is dangerous because of the speeds that cars go at. That is why there are traffic lights and a lollipop patrol nearby.

“I would particularly worry too about children out on their bikes coming down that path at speed and I also think our many pensioners are at risk.”