Broadcasting from home

IN November we reported on 16-year-old school leaver Scott Campbell’s initiative as he had just set up a website to promote Cumbernauld.

Now, in addition to, the ambitious youngster from Kildrum has expanded into video streaming with the launch of his own TV station, which can now also be found at the site.

Scott said: “It’s an extension of the website and ties in with my aim of promoting Cumbernauld.

“I launched it about a week ago and have had some nice feedback already.

“At the moment it’s just what news I can find to report on, looking at the activities of charities and community groups and what news and events information I can find, but I’m hoping to build it up and hopefully attract advertisers who are also interested in seeing the town promoted in a positive light.

“I’ve left school and am looking for work at the moment - which isn’t easy to find the way things are - so I have a lot of spare time during the day to work on this. I think it’s important that people see teenagers aren’t all about stabbings and drink, there are a lot of us doing good things for our community.”

Resourceful Scott isn’t done yet - he also hopes to bring a new community facility to Cumbernauld. “I’m working on funding applications to create a venue of some kind, the dream is a market hall where people can gather socially. The Town Centre used to be like that years ago and I’d like to bring it back.”