Buffer zone plan for plant

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An industrial plant which is accused of being a blight on Carbrain could be sealed off by a giant £1 million landscaped embankment.

Ambitious plans will be submitted to North Lanarkshire Council by Dow Waste Management this week - and if these are given the green light, the firm will pay every penny.

The recycling plant which borders Cumbernauld railway station has attracted criticism from locals, amidst claims that heavy machinery creates a noise nuisance.

In addition, there are claims that the plant is an eyesore and effectively ruins otherwise scenic views for hundreds of Carbrain residents. It is also claimed the the sight of Dow’s undermines the look of the station itself. Also the premises is widely considered to attract seagulls to Carbrain.

Dow’s managing director Sheila Dow said: “We are proud of the contribution we make to tackling climate change in Scotland but we realise that piles of meticulously sorted recycling are not to everyone’s taste.

“We have listened to South Carbrain residents concerns about the view from their homes and we have a solution. We want to build a large landscaped environment around the part of the site that they can see. This will also benefit the companies located next to us on the industrial estate.

“This is a significant investment of time, effort and money but we consider it a small price to pay.

The 590-metre-long embankment will rise to as much as 32 feet high and is reckoned to be the same height as the Arria statue.

It will be between the length of two standard single decker buses at its widest.

The embankment will be made of soil, grassed over and will be planted all over the bund and will eventually obscure the plant.

Ms Dow added: ”We are committed to being a good neighbour. We are very keen to hear from people living in the local area about what they think of our plans.’’

She also revealed that the project could be part of additional measures to improve the site, which would include clearing previously derelict land for storage purposes and to increase access to the site.

For more information on the plans, visit www.dowuk.com/community org or call 01236 730730.