A perfect hidden gem

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It’s spacious but well-organised, “hidden away” but minutes’ walk from key shopping amenities, and – best of all – is in sparkling condition and in an area where this sort of opportunity doesn’t arise very often.

This charming bungalow in Dungoil Avenue, Balloch - on the market through Slater Hogg, Cumbernauld at offers over £185,000 - was already an attractive proposition before owner Mrs Sarah Ventners started a whole series of practical improvements – for example by adding a conservatory and also maximising storage space.

The three generous-sized bedrooms mean that while a couple (say) living on their own wouldn’t be burdened by lots of unused space there’s still plenty of scope for having guests stay over.

Meanwhile the kitchen is quite separate from the dining room, which comfortably accommodates six, a split arrangement which works to excellent effect within the context of a property which in so many ways puts many superficially more ostentatious homes to shame.

Then there’s the equally impressive lounge, which like everything else in this property has been furnished and decorated to a very high standard.

Bungalows are regaining some of their traditional attraction, but while the “footprint” of this property is generous enough the accent is on excellent organisation of available space – nicely but unobtrusively helped along by the well-judged addition of a delightful conservatory (which can be put to a multitude of potential uses).

The location quotient to this property is worth talking up too.

The bungalow is on a corner in a cul-de-sac, and is perfect for anyone who enjoys real privacy is as far from the madding crowd as you can realistically hope to get in a densely-populated urban area – it could almost be “in the country”. But, as stated, it’s close to all major amenities and road routes, and could hardly be better situated.

The garden, front and back, is so secluded that on sunny days the householder can relax outdoors in complete privacy – and while there’s ample scope to further develop the floral side of things some potential buyers may prefer it exactly as it is, a haven of arboreal tranquility that needs only a modicum of maintenance.

A straightforward list of this property’s key attributes should be enough to attract attention – perhaps particularly for people looking to downsize, but to a home offering good, well-organised space – but in fact all of these plus points really need to be seen first hand to get an appreciation of how they combine to such excellent effect.

At a competitive opening offers price this is a real hidden gem in an area not short of enticing properties, and ian early appointment to visit is highly recommended.