An Abronhill classic

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Getting exactly the “right” home at the right price is the ultimate challenge for all househunters – and it could be that January is a better time to view than is commonly supposed.

This year, in particular, there’s the added advantage (on all but the dearest Cumbernauld properties) that stamp duty is either very low or – as in this case – doesn’t apply at all.

This means that early bird home viewers are on to a not inconsiderable cash saving before they even ring the bell of the property that’s caught their eye.

The other advantages are surely obvious. Identify the “right” property and you can realistically hope to literally move in within a reasonable amount of time (depending on sale details), so you won’t have to watch another winter go by while wondering what you could have done with the potential of a new home.

This attractive terraced property in Abronhill’s Cherry Avenue (on sale for iffers in the region of £95,000) seems straightforward enough, but has some additional advantages that are worthy of note.

For example - fairly unusually for this area - it was custom-designed to suit a specific remit, and manages to be attractive while at the same time offering all the attributes of a proper family home within one well-organised building footprint.

There is garden space back and front, three bedrooms, a well-equipped dining kitchen and necessary extras which include two parking spaces.

But beyond the technical specification provided by estate agent Homelink (Cumbernauld town centre branch) there are several other good reasons for supposing this well looked-after property could be somebody’s ideal acquisition.

It is in a quiet cul-de-sac, guaranteeing peace and quiet, yet by the same token is only a couple of minutes from key amenities such as shops and (crucial for some people) Whitelees primary school.

There is a wide variety of people who could potentially be interested in such a property, perhaps particularly young couples looking for an entry-level property from which to start a family – or, given that peace and quiet factor, it could be an older person who values having some extra space to accommodate visiting children and grandchildren.

Given the property’s location and versatility the offers-around £95k price point should encourage a steady stream of enquiries in the early months of the year.

As an example of good value in an area only minutes from the town centre – and handy for main routes to other key destinations – this Abronhill home has to be worth viewing for anyone seeking the dream combination of good location, fair price and versatile layout.