Bluebell in full bloom

editorial image

Estate agents are sometimes criticised for “talking up” the appeal of particular properties in order to generate interest, but the team at Homelink have got it exactly right with their description of this fabulous home in Bluebell Walk, close to Cumbernauld Village.

In fact it’s a dream house in a dream location, offering (at offers over £178,500) the sort of style and comfort you might expect from a place carrying a substantially cheaper price tag – and is certain to generate interest from a wide variety of potential buyers. Seller Mrs Marian Gordon said: “Me, my husband Patrick and our two kids love this place, because it really has been the ideal home since we moved in at the time when this development had just started.

“Now, several years later, the development is finished and is even better than before, and has fully lived up to ev eryone’s expectations.”

She adds: “There are a lot of plus points about the house itself, including the fact that it’s three-storey, and all that room at the top could be used for all sorts of things – extra accommodation space, maybe, or a children’s playroom.

“The rooms are far more spacious than the photographs suggest, and there’s plenty of storage space too – so although it will appeal to all sorts of people it will maybe be particularly interesting to families.”

It’s described as a town house, and fully meets that bill, with lovely features such as the double French doors and the substantial outdoor area – again, ideal for children – enclosed by a tall fence.

There are too many attractive features to list in detail, but it can be taken as read that the quality suggested by the photographs is amply borne out in every area, since the original high specification of the interior fabric - with lavish use of oak, for example – has been complemented beautifully by the owners’ tasteful decor scheme.

It may be a cliche, but this property really does deserve to be seen first hand, as while the sales descriptive is accurate and the pictures tell the story convincingly a personal visit is obviously the only way to appreciate the full effect.

That is even before the development’s excellent locale is considered.

Bluebell Walk is just five minutes from the Village, and also just a short walk from Cumbernauld Glen, in what is arguably one of the area’s most attractive developments.

Its opening price reflects a desire to attract a broad range of potential viewers, and in relative terms offers the prospect of superb value.

Homelink’s new office in Cumbernauld town centre has all the details, and an early appointment to view is highly recommended.