Carrickstone quality

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When householders are seeking that elusive quality of “value” in a home they’re obviously looking for a whole list of factors to stack up – from the intrinsic worth of the property itself to the sort of area it is in.

But ultimately the hard practicalities of life mean that for most of us it’s about getting the best possible result for a finite amount, and that might mean having to forgo factors like location or convenient amenities.

With this gem of a property in Carrickstone, however (marketed through Slater Hogg, Cumbernauld) no such dilemma applies – because it has all the positive indicators one could wish for and, as a bonus, an appealing opening-offers price tag too.

A two-bedroom home won’t, perhaps, suit a large and growing family, but for a couple about to start a family – or any number of people who don’t have youngsters to worry about – this is potentially an excellent buy at a price which also virtually guarantees the purchase will prove a sound investment.

As seems to be the case with so many quality homes in today’s buyer’s market everything is in splendid condition, to the point where apart from adding those necessary personal touches the average buyer may not feel too inclined to make many changes.

But beyond that, and the obvious advantages of the property itself – for eample there’s a dining-sized kitchen, and that luxurious bathroom –there’s the considerable bonus that Carrickstone itself is a much sought-after area, and within that this particular home is in a delightful cul-de-sac location.

That means peace and quiet and a welcome degree of privacy, yet at the same time we’re assured it’s a friendly neighbourhood where people can relax and enjoy the ambience of a rather special area of Cumbernauld.

There are many more details to take into account about the property itself, from its attractive back garden to the quality of the fixture and fittings throughout the property, and the imaginative use of space to provide plenty of storage room.

But for most viewers the overall impression is going to be paramount, more than any bare manifest of attributes, and many will surely find that modest opening offers price surprising.

It will certainly make the property of interest to a wide variety of could-be buyers, and persuade some who may have assumed Carrickstone is “exclusive” in the sense of “expensive” that this still-developing area has a wider array of property options than it’s usually given credit for.

Taking together its opening offers price of £118,000 location, and the sterling quality of its interior fabric this is one that needs to be seen first hand to be fully appreciated.