Cumbernauld ‘‘cash cow’’ row continues at council as locals invited to attend key meeting.

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A claim that Cumbernauld is being used as a cash cow by North Lanarkshire Council is to be discussed further at Motherwell Civic Centre on Thursday, December 18.

Scottish Nationalist-turned independent Alan O’Brien brought the row to light in this newspaper two weeks ago via a Freedom of Information Act.

This confirmed that Cumbernauld was the town within the authority that gets the least benefit from the sale of land from housing.

And that is despite the claim that Cumbernauld makes up half the land sold within its boundaries.

And he believes that the final meeting of the full council this year is the perfect opportunity to bring the town’s Labour and Scottish Nationalist councillors to account -after claiming they don’t care.

The councillor said: “The revelation that vital Community benefits, paid for by money raised in Cumbernauld, appears to being diverted to the Council’s Labour voting strongholds, will have came as no surprise to the people of Cumbernauld. I’ve demonstrated that despite around half of NLC’s land sales income coming from us, we receive less than half a percent of the benefits.

“The question that needs to be asked is what do our Labour and SNP Cumbernauld Councillors have to say? As the Council has already confirmed the accuracy of the figures they are going to struggle to accuse me of misrepresentation.

“To find out, I have initiated a debate at the next full Council meeting and I would like to invite the normal people of Cumbernauld to attend at 4pm,” he added.