‘Get in touch’ plea to bed tax victims

CAB manager Ian Eadie advising a client on the bedroom tax.
CAB manager Ian Eadie advising a client on the bedroom tax.

Hundreds of Cumbernauld and Kilsyth residents are fighting a losing battle to make ends meet because of the bedroom tax - but aren’t telling anyone until it’s too late.

That’s the fear of local Citizens Advice Bureau manager Ian Eadie, who reckons scores of families are suffering mounting debt in silence because they don’t realise help is available.

Since the controversial legislation was introduced North Lanarkshire Council, the Scotland’s biggest social housing landlord, is said to have taken every available method to mitigate the worst effects on tenants.

Across the area as a whole it has carried out around 3,000 visits to tenants caught in the poverty trap created by the levy on “spare” rooms.

Andv “a comparable number” have subsequently gained cash aid.

But an estimated 2,000 tenants have yet to tell anyone they have a problem.

Now Mr Eadie has launched an appeal for “anyone and everyone” hit by bedroom tax cash worries to get in touch.

He said: “There is assistance available aimed at ensuring that no one loses the roof over their head.

“But you can only get this help if you contact North Lanarkshire Council’s First Stop Shop or Council (Advice Service) partners such as Citizens Advice Bureaux in North Lanarkshire.”

“Get in touch with your local CAB, contact the ‘Your Money’ information line on 01698 403170 or just pop into your local First Stop Shop.”