Match funding is still need to take over pub

The current lease on The Swan Inn ends next month
The current lease on The Swan Inn ends next month

People United for Banton (PUB) has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise their share of the money needed to buy The Swan Inn.

In December the Scottish Land Fund awarded PUB £180,000 to buy The Swan Inn when the current lease expires in June – but they still to raise five per cent in match funding.

Caroline Bowe, said: “The committee of People United for Banton are now in a position to raise funds for the pub and to cover the remaining five per cent, they have to raise a further £10,000 by June 20.

“They have a fundraising target of £3000 and although it’s a tall order, I know we can pull together to raise the other £7000.

“Many here and abroad have so much affection for the old pub and we want to see it thrive and be there for future generations.”

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PUB is also appealing for bricks made in the village which have ‘Banton’ stamped on them as the architect plans to feature them in the redesign of the building.

If you have any call 07767042010 or email