Real Belleisle beauty - at offers over £175,000

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There are several areas in and around Cumbernauld which are generally regarded as having a special cache of their own – whether it’s for the general style of the housing, the local amenities, or that indefinable quality bests summed up as “character”.

Carrickstone is firmly in that league, and when a genuinely interesting property comes on to the market there it more or less demands to be seen both on its own and on the area’s general merits.

This particular property, on the market through Your Move, is a beautiful three or four bedroom detached villa which has numerous special features worth talking up – and is on the market at an attractive price of offers over £175,000.

The “three or four” bedroom option obviously reflects the uses various rooms might be put to. Not everyone has any need for four bedrooms or even three, and the convenient internal layout of this property mean on or more rooms can be reformed as, for example, a study or office – or perhaps laid out in a way that allows them to double as a guest room if the need suddenly arises.

From any point of view this is, in simplest terms, a commodious and attractive home in one of Cumbernauld’s most popular areas.

When it comes to making the best use of space the owners have excelled themselves, creating a splendid garage conversion which definitely adds to the overall appeal.

Other notable strong points included the delightful private rear garden, and when you consider the property is nicely positioned in a quiet cul-de-sac it’s easy to see this is a home which enjoys the best of all worlds.

On a strictly practical note the essential infrastructure of utilities, kitchen and family bathroom, are exactly what you would expect in this style of home in today’s demanding market.

But rather than reel off a list of positive attributes it’s perhaps enough to say that it’s the overall ensemble that makes this property stand out – quietly –from the crowd.

Seeing is believing, and regardless of how impressive a place may seem in print or online a personal visit usually yields far more useful detail.

More than just a collection of strong sales points it’s the “feel” of a home, and how it sits within its area, that many people use as their main yardstick when deciding whether or not to take things farther. This home is definitely worth such a visit.