Sweet taste of success for Twechar cake firm

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The Twechar wing of a successful baker best known for celebration cakes, organic bread and Disney-themed specials is poised for growth.

Around 1,100 people are employed by Finsbury Cakes between its plants in Twechar and Hamilton – and they’re part of a group with ambitious plans for the future.

The company’s latest positive financial results are seen as a springboard for further growth by new company chairman Peter Baker – who says he was impressed by what he saw of the company’s Scottish operation during a recent visit.

He said: “It is a pivotal time for Finsbury Foods.

“There is a window of opportunity in the markets and the Board is actively exploring investment options.”

He added: “Is it possible for a relatively small, listed group like Finsbury to double in size over a relatively short period? “The management team believes that it is providing we can find the right opportunities.

“We’ve done the hard yards.– Finsbury has invested in the business when others played safe, invested in people when our competitors did not. “We are focussed on helping retailers respond to changing consumer needs by offering solutions that work.”

The firm’s newly-released figures show adjusted continuing profits up 18 per cent to £6.5million (2013 figure, £5.5 million), and investment is continuing in key areas of operation – including Scottish production facilities.

The Finsbury Group has expanded by acquiring smaller firms across the UK, and says that will continue to be an important part of its development strategy.

Meanwhile “wellbeing” bakery goods (for example organic and low fat products) are a lucrative area where the firm can hope to build further success.