Waste firm stalls on controversial plan

The company at the centre of a long-running row over a plant blamed for disgusting smells, clouds of flies and flocks of seagulls has dumped a controversial planning bid.

But the firm is implicitly gearing to relaunch the scheme after a forthcoming public consultation exercise.

Dow Waste Management director Sheila Dow has told the Cumbernauld News the planning application was withdrawn to “allow further time to engage with the local community”.

The scheme involves a major extension of the Lenziemill Road site and has sparked outrage among residents who say they have suffered for years.

Nearby resident Bill Henry said: “The smell is often so bad people can’t open their windows, and soon we’ll have flies and flocks of seagulls to contend with too.”

He added: “If the plan really is about creating a solution, then people will be glad - but they’re going to take some convincing after what’s been the best part of ten years.”

Cumbernauld South councillor William Goldie said: “I was astounded this failing site was planning to almost double in size.

“You would think they would address the problems before planning expansion.”

Adam Smith, vice-chair of Cumbernauld Environmental Society, said: “Hopefully the company will now concentrate their efforts on reducing the noxious fumes and deterring nuisance pests from the area once and for all.”

However Sheila Dow says the firm’s “ambitious plans” will not only help it expand business but also improve the environmental impact “significantly”, while creating new jobs.

She said the plan had been shelved so local people could gain a better understanding of the “major improvements” intended.

The company will host a community consultation on the scheme in the coming months, she said.