Call for action on litter blight

The litter-strewn area at St Mungo's Road in Cumbernauld
The litter-strewn area at St Mungo's Road in Cumbernauld

DISCARDED shopping trolleys, plastic bags galore and crumpled cigarette packets aplenty - welcome to Cumbernauld.

The litter-strewn state of an access to Cumbernauld Town Centre has been highlighted by an area representative.

Labour councillor Danny Carrigan has taken forward concerns raised by Seafar Community Council regarding the general state of the road and parking area at St Mungo’s Road near the former Ice House skating rink.

Said Councillor Carrigan: “I commonly use this access to go to the library and agree with the Community Council about the state of this area. It really does reflect badly on Cumbernauld and North Lanarkshire. I would be ashamed to take visitors to the town into this area.”

Ownership of the property in question is unclear. However Councillor Carrigan feels North Lanarkshire Council needs to get involved. He said: “I am aware that the footprint or land may not be in our ownership however we have a civic responsibility to ensure that the town is kept clean and residents can feel pride in their town.”

An NLC spokesperson said: “The primary responsibility for reducing litter lies with the public – it’s up to them to dispose of it properly.

“Unfortunately not everyone does so, which is why the council operates a week-round litter cleaning service in Cumbernauld town centre, including St Mungo’s Road. Responsibility for clearing the area identified by Councillor Carrigan lies with the parties who own the land.

“We are in the process of establishing who that is, and once we have done so we will contact the owners and ask that they take steps to clear the litter.

“To report littering call Northline, our customer contact centre, on 01698 403110; or through”