Calls for crackdown on metal thieves

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BEAUTY spots around Kilsyth are being destroyed by callous thieves looking to make quick cash by stealing high-valued metal.

Kelvin Valley Park has been targeted over the last few months by greedy robbers who have snatched several metal items including a picnic area at Nethercroy; kissing gates at the Antonine Wall and mooring cleats from the canal.

And now the secretary of the Friends of Kelvin Valley Park Paul Carter is calling for tougher laws in Scotland to put a stop to thieves trading in stolen metal.

He said: “It is one thing after another. It is absolutely appalling that a community can put in such an effort and cash to improve the park, and have it destroyed overnight by mindless thievery.

“The government must act to licence dealers and create a paper trail for all scrap metal, similar to landfill site licensing system.”

For full story, see this week’s Kilsyth Chronicle dated Wednesday, June 27.

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