Cameron’s climbers stage ‘Neverest’ bid

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An intrepid Cumbernauld Boys’ Brigade leader took on his biggest challenge yet – by trying to scale the heights of “Ben Neverest”.

Cameron Gray, leader with the 1st Cumbernauld Company, led a group of four other young BB leaders on a bold bid to climb Scotland’s highest mountain seven times in four days.

That’s how many climbs it would take to climb Mount Everest once .

Last year the team broke the Guinness World Record for the longest 5-a-side football game playing for 55 hours straight – so anything seemed possible.

Each summit took an average of five hours 45 minutes, and the team were starting to feel the strain by the time they got to number five.

In total, they climbed a total of 8,848m in just four days.

Cameron said later: “After the success of our world record attempt I was keen to keep the enthusiasm going by planning our next challenge and taking on Ben Neverest seemed like a good idea.

“While we were able to physically train for it, it’s hard to prepare for the wear and tear on your body through the week, and it was also mentally challenging with atrocious weather.

“The camaraderie was amazing, but being part of the BB brings this out in people.”

Bill Stevenson, director of The Boys’ Brigade Scotland, said: “Well done to the team who took on this amazing challenge and the determination they showed impressed us all.

“It’s great to see our young people carry forward the Boys’ Brigade ethos of exploring the limits and working together to achieve their goals.