Campaign for road safety

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Driving is one of the most dangerous things that most people do on a daily basis – and simple distractions can be fatal.

This year’s Road Safety Week campaign appeals to drivers to tune in to road safety and give it their full attention.

North Lanarkshire Council is supporting the campaign, which is coordinated by the charity Brake and runs from November 18 to 24.

Councillor James Coyle said: “Drivers should always concentrate when they’re behind the wheel but during Road Safety Week, we’re asking drivers to pledge to turn off their phones in the car and never try to multi task at the wheel.

‘‘Eating or smoking while driving has been shown to increase your risk of an accident, and a mobile phone ringing can be a distraction. Focus on the task in hand and don’t put yourself and others in danger for the sake of a call, text or something else that can wait. This message is equally important for cyclist and pedestrians who use our roads and pavements. The campaign reminds them to pay attention, for example, by taking off headphones and holding your child’s hand when crossing the road.”

Local police commander Nelson Telfer added: “Lanarkshire Policing Division and members of the North Lanarkshire Partnership do not just focus on keeping people safe in terms of violence; road safety is just as high a priority.”