Carbrain kids have fun at St Margaret of Scotland Primary

PUPILS at St Margaret of Scotland Primary faced the camera as School of the Week - but it’s a wonder they had the time to do so as they are very busy bees indeed.

The Carbrain-based school boasts a tasty new set of garden furniture which was set up during the Easter holidays - and the nursery class just don’t care if it’s raining. They want to face all weathers to make full use of the lovingly carved toadstools.

Gentler pursuits are the order of the day in the sensory room, used by pupils who are drawn across North Lanarkshire because of a specialist unit supporting those with language and communication issues. Even Spongebob’s pal Patrick is getting in on the act!

Tech-savvy P6 pupils are highly enthusiastic about the recent delivery of new laptops on which they are studying no fewer than three different study programmes.

A zest for green issues is what propels the high-functioning eco committee who have devised their own board game to hammer home the message - but it’s not all fun and games. For they have made the environment the focus of a special week at the school which is now in full swing.

Can cook will cook is the motto of these young chefs who learn about healthy eating and how easy it is to rustle up healthy meals they can bring home to share. Next on the menu? It’s soup.

Nursery pupils and those in the ‘big school’ get together too for special sessions to help the youngsters make the leap to primary school. It’s a friendly and lively environment as speech therapists and learning support professionals ably provide assistance too.

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