Catch crooks in the act

A CALL has been made for stronger security measures to keep bogus callers out of Condorrat.

Thursday, 8th April 2010, 1:04 pm
Updated Thursday, 8th April 2010, 1:04 pm

The demand, from a councillor, comes following a heartless robbery at sheltered housing.

Last week we revealed that an 84-year-old woman at Rannoch Court had fallen prey to a doorstep rat who claimed to be from Scottish Water - a commonly used ruse for conmen to gain access.

The thief stole several items while his victim's back was turned.

Now Councillor Gerry McElroy has taken the issue up with Mary Castles, executive director of housing and social work services at North Lanarkshire Council.

He said: ''I think it is time for some form of security camera coverage to be introduced which could be monitored from the warden station.

''The presence and advertising of such equipment would go a long way to securing the area and would be a major disincentive for this type of criminal behaviour and bring peace of mind to residents and families especially since we no longer have a resident warden,'' added Councillor McElroy.

Meanwhile police have issued the following guidelines regarding bogus callers:

Always ask to see identification. No legitimate caller will take exception to this. If the caller fails to provide this, you are fully entitled to refuse entry.

Keep front AND back doors locked at all times. Bogus callers rely on unlocked doors to help them make a quick getaway - usually after employing diversionary tactics.

Contact police immediately if you have suspicions about any caller - they could indeed be bogus and prepared to try their luck elsewhere in your neighbourhood.

Be equally wary of unsolicited 'tradesmen' offering to fix your roofs, attend to guttering or do your gardening. Again, these offers are commonly used ruses to get vulnerable householders to part with their cash. Bogus callers have a habit of disappearing after the cash is handed over - with the job left undone.