Cats are attacked by foxes


A CONCERNED Cumbernauld pensioner has outlined how bad the fox problem is getting as more pets fall victim to them.

Thomas Robinson, of Seafar, said: “We have seen the foxes with cats in their mouths. I think that they are going down the gully with them to feed.

“I wanted to let the News know because people are complaining about this issue. I feel really sorry for the people that this is affecting because these are their pets, they could be all that they have and these foxes are killing them.”

He added: “From where I live I have been able to get a good look at them. I even saw one fighting a crow the other day.

“The fox had a crow in its mouth and a second crow started attacking it until it, finally, was released.”

The Scottish SPCA maintain that they would not step in to remove wild animals from an area, unless they are injured, and advise that all small pets, who require to be kept outdoors, should be kept in a hutch overnight.

Mike Flynn, Scottish SPCA chief superintendent, also recommended that people ensure their rubbish is kept in bins, outside of their homes.