Changes to council’s ASBO team

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A new team of officers will tackle antisocial behaviour across North Lanarkshire at peak times – in response to figures showing that 85 per cent of all incidents take place during the weekend.

A review was recently carried out on North Lanarkshire Council’s antisocial behaviour service and several recommendations were made including having six dedicated teams of officers working in Cumbernauld and the other housing areas.

The council also plans to use mediation and work with offenders to tackle the issues behind the behaviour, and roll out education opportunities to high school pupils.

Councillor Sam Love said: “Whether its vandalism, graffiti, noise nuisance from neighbours or racial harassment, we know, from our residents, how important it is that we tackle these issues effectively, And the changes

we’re making to our service - from the initial call, to tackling the problem and taking enforcement action - will help us to do just that.

“Our antisocial behaviour process must be efficient and effective in meeting the needs of the residents who need our help. For example, analysis of antisocial behaviour shows that 85 per cent of incidents occur at weekends from 7pm to 3am. That’s why we’ve agreed to have a team of officers available to take the necessary intervention and enforcement action, as well as liaising closely with Police Scotland to target those who make the lives of others a misery.”

To report incidents of antisocial behaviour contact First Stop Shop or 0300 123 1382 during out of office hours.