Christmas wishes come true in Cumbernauld

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A kind-hearted schoolgirl wanted to make sure that special needs children from Cumbernauld had a proper Christmas party all to themselves.

And thanks to seven-year-old Megan Mackie, the result was a happy yuletide feast at Broadwood Farm which was closed off to all but the members of Play and Learning Support.

Aptly-named PALS caters to youngsters with health issues like autism who may find group situations in conventional settings an issue.

Thoughtfully, it also provides entertainment in a separate group for their siblings who might feel cut off as a result.

Little Megan, who lives next door to PALS co-ordinator Carrie Burns in Moodiesburn, had seen a television programme about the sale of hair to raise cash.

Carrie said: “Megan is wee pals with my son Ellis who goes to Glencryan School and she wanted to do something to help.

“She actually grew her hair for 11 months to have it specially cut and she wanted to raise even more money, so in total she collected £1500.

A large group from PALS went along to see Megan face the chop and there were some tears when the locks came off but the gesture has paid off handsomely.

Carrie said: “We were just so impressed by what Megan did, not just because she had her hair cut but the amount of money that was raised.

“We had an absolutely brilliant time.

“The children were able to have a two-course meal and just do their own thing.

“They also had a visit from Santa as well so we were 
really delighted at the way it went.

“And of course we would like to say a big thank-you to Megan for everything she has done for us.”