Clyde gift just the ticket

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Residents at the Village Care Home in Cumbernauld were delighted when some footballing VIP visitors came to pay a welcome call.

Some are keen soccer fans who have followed the adventures of Clyde FC many years, through thick and thin, and getting to meet two of the side’s best-known players was an ideal Christmas treat.

It was an opportunity to talk about the ins and outs of some of Clyde’s most memorable games and players, and – best of all – visitors David Marsh and Fraser McGhee also had ten tickets to give away for what was likely to be a memorable pre-Christmas game.

It was a neat way of passing on some festive cheer to some of the people most likely to appreciate Clyde’s on-field action, which has this year seen more dogged determination than outstanding success.

Those who follow the team on a regular basis don’t allow the poor results to get them down, because it’s the individual magic moments - of which there have been plenty over the years - which make support of a classic local side so worthwhile.

The visit was a brilliant surprise organised by resident Hugh Burns’ daughter, Caroline Drew - who rightly guessed how much the personal touch would mean to some of the side’s biggest fans.

As a Christmas present it couldn’t be bettered – particularly with the promise of a cracker of a match to enjoy.