Community alarms - eligibility to be reviewed

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After the unpopular Community Alarm Service charge ceased earlier this year, North Lanarkshire Councillors have now received correspondence telling them that a review of the eligibility criteria for the alarm service is about to commence.

The free service was re-instated in April 2017 after it had been withdrawn by the council in July 2016 when a £5 charge was introduced for those who wished to continue with using the peace of mind alarms.

The Scottish Conservative and Unionist group who were against the charge, have now raised concerns about the consultation. They commented: “Abolishing the charge was the right thing to do and it was a decision we very much welcomed.

“Elderly people living in North Lanarkshire, who make use of this service will rightly question the need for a consultation to take place particularly because the matter appeared to be settled with the reinstatement of the free service in April.”

The group are now calling on the North Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Integrated Joint Board to make contact with all alarm holders.