Concern at Glenacre Road lighting problems

LIGHTING problems at Glenacre Road in Carbrain have again been leaving residents in the dark.

Last year the area was left without street lighting for more than two months. North Lanarkshire Council is carrying out an overhaul of lighting in the area, but local councillors are complaining it just isn’t enough, and locals will continue to be subjected to louts taking advantage of the darkness.

SNP councillor William Homer said: “Many street lights within this area are not operational and I feel that this area should be treated urgently. Residents last year were subjected to many weeks of anti-social behaviour during the dark winter months and I feel that they deserve better. Good public lighting should be standard in all areas.

“This seems nonsensical, this particluar part of Glenacre had been without light for so long. I do not see the logic in putting new lighting in and stopping short of the section that has a history of faults. Some residents feel aggrieved that new colums have stopped in some cases five to ten meters away and fear that they could be left in the dark again if the old lights they have been left with fail again.”

David Smart, business manager roads operations, said: “We have invested £700,000 from our lighting capital programme for 2011/12 on new street lighting in Cumbernauld. This work was targeted at the areas worst affected by power supply failures in the past. However, the budget is limited and we will not be able to replace lights in the remainder of Glenacre Road in the next financial year.

“Following the enquiry from local elected members we have inspected this area and found a number of street lights off, partly because of Scottish Power failures and some because of faulty equipment. These will be repaired by our contractor Amey as soon as possible.”

Lighting faults should be reported to 01698 403110.