Condorrat, St Helen’s and Baird work together to beat the bigots

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Condorrat Primary School welcomed guests from St Helen’s and Baird Memorial Primary Schools for a special anti-sectarianism workshop.

The event, run in partnership with the Nil by Mouth anti-sectarianism charity, united pupils of various and no religious background to enjoy shared activities and promote friendship between pupils at other schools.

The event, which also counted towards NBM’s Champions for Change Award for each participating school, involved workshops led by Nil By Mouth Education officer Jamie Lithgow.

Gillian Wylie, head teacher at Baird Memorial Primary School, said: “This involved the Primary Seven pupils at all three schools, working under the banner of Condorrat Together.

“Last year and this year, the schools have worked together on sectarianism workshops led by Jamie.

“For the projects which culmimated in a presentation to parents at Condorrat Primary last week, we formed combined groups of P7 pupils from all three schools, and the teachers organised fun, inclusive activities for each group.

“These activities included creating artwork on the sybject of sectarianism and a rap song which was performed at the showcase.

“I’m proud of how the schools worked together and now we have each been presented with the Champions for Change award from Nil By Mouth.”