Condorrat woman in wedding ring appeal

A LAST-DITCH bid to reunite a very old wedding ring with its owner is now under way - thanks to the honesty of a local woman.

Condorrat resident Susan Gizzie found the item in Asda and handed it into police, but the item was unclaimed and it will now be returned to her.

Susan wants to make a final attempt to have the ring reclaimed and has approached the News and Chronicle for help.

She said: “I found the ring on Friday, June 17 at the section where the disabled trollies are kept. I handed the ring in to the police but for some reason the ring ended up in Baird Street police office in Springburn.

“They have been back in touch with me saying that they will return it to me as no-one has come forward but obviously it’s an item of sentimental value that I don’t want to hang on to.”

Susan added: “A date appears on the ring. This belongs to someone who was married in the early 1930s and perhaps a relative has held on to it.

“If someone is able to provide me with the date I will return the ring to them.’’

Susan can be contacted on 727493.