Controversial treatment room plan revised

PLANS to withdraw treatment room services at Kildrum Health Centre have been revised, following feeback from patients.

Health bosses had planned to shut down Kildrum’s treatment room, but it will now continue on a part-time basis by sharing resources with Abronhill, which will also go part-time.

The decision follows a public consultation and a public meeting in Kildrum, at which the main issue raised was the plight of those who would be unable to travel the one-mile distance to Central Health Centre for routine treatments, as was pointed out at a public meeting organised by the Scottish Socialist Party last month.

Nursing director Anne Armstrong said: “It was a very constructive meeting and we listened to all the points made. We also received comments from the GP practice at Kildrum. After the meeting we felt there may be an opportunity to revise the new Treatment Room Service model.

“We have decided that the treatment room resource will be shared between Abronhill and Kildrum, allowing part-time treatment room services to be provided at both health centres. We are grateful for all the feedback we have received and believe this change will benefit patients and further enhance the new Treatment Room Service model.”

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